Datta N. Godbole

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We present a design and veriication methodology for hybrid dynamical systems. Our approach is based on optimal control and game theory. The hybrid design is seen as a game between two players. One is the disturbances that enter the dynamics. The disturbances can encode the actions of other agents (in a multi-agent setting), the actions of high level(More)
A case study of the difficulties encountered in the design of hierarchical, hybrid control systems is presented. As our example we use the Intelligent Vehicle Highway System (IVHS) architecture proposed for vehicle platooning, a system that involves both continuous state and discrete event controllers. We point out that even though conventional analysis(More)
This paper describes the application of a novel methodology for high-level control and coordination of autonomous vehicle teams and its demonstration on high-fidelity models of the organic air vehicle developed at Honeywell Laboratories. The scheme employs decentralized receding horizon controllers that reside on each vehicle to achieve coordination among(More)
This paper compares safety of automated and manual highway systems with respect to resulting rear-end collision frequency and severity. The results show that automated driving is safer than the most alert manual drivers, at similar speeds and capacities. We also present a detailed safety-capacity tradeoo study for four diierent Automated Highway System(More)
A hierarchical controller for dealing with faults and adverse environmental conditions on an automated highway system (AHS) is proposed. The controller extends a previous control hierarchy designed to work under normal conditions of operation. The faults are classified according to the capabilities remaining on the vehicle or roadside after the fault has(More)
In an effort to increase the efficiency and safety of air travel while accommodating the growing demand for air traffic, the aviation community is working towards designing next generation Air Tr-afic Management (ATM) systems. ATM will replace the completely centralized, ground based, Air Traffic Control procedures. Within ATM, the concept of Free Flight(More)