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Because the existing vector data watermarking algorithm is insufficiently robust for compression and cropping, and has no sufficient control on map deformation, a new watermarking algorithm was proposed in this paper. Its main features are: ➀ it selected feature points and non-feature points from the sequence of Douglas, and then embedded watermarking(More)
Exception handling mechanism can increase the reliability of the system and improve the robustness of the software. But the exception handling code that is used to respond to exceptional conditions tends to be the source of the systems failure. It is difficult to test the exception handling by usual methods. This paper proposes an approach to automatic(More)
With the extensive application of RFID technology, people pay more and more attention to its security and privacy issues. Currently, security issues have become major factors which impede the large-scale applications of RFID technology. In this paper, security issues existing in RFID system are analyzed and the main authentication mechanisms proposed at(More)
RFID system is used widely in different applications and comes in a myriad of forms today. It is doomed to be concerned by people and still be the hot spot of research in the next few years. In this paper, Key issues of RFID reader network system are studied, such as taxonomy of RFID system, collision problems, security and privacy problems, etc. In the(More)
Supply chain management (SCM) is essential for a company. Effective SCM can always enable the company maintain a stable and lasting competitive advantage, thereby can increase its overall competitiveness. But there are two main problems in the traditional SCM, which are known as “Ripple Effect” mainly due to the delay of a particular activity which results(More)
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