Dasa Berovic

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We present the current state of development of the Croatian Dependency Treebank – with special empahsis on adapting the Prague Dependency Treebank formalism to Croatian language specifics – and illustrate its possible applications in an experiment with dependency parsing using MaltParser. The treebank currently contains approximately 2870 sentences, out of(More)
A method is presented for transferring dependency treebanks between similar languages by using a bilingual lexicon, aiming to improve dependency parsing accuracy on the target language. It is illustrated by transferring the Slovene Dependency Treebank to Croatian by using a GIZA++ bilingual lexicon constructed from the Croatian-Slovene 1984 parallel corpus(More)
We investigate statistical dependency parsing of two closely related languages, Croatian and Serbian. As these two morphologically complex languages of relaxed word order are generally under-resourced – with the topic of dependency parsing still largely unaddressed, especially for Serbian – we make use of the two available dependency treebanks of Croatian(More)
We present a new version of the Croatian Dependency Treebank. It constitutes a slight departure from the previously closely observed Prague Dependency Treebank syntactic layer annotation guidelines as we introduce a new subset of syntactic tags on top of the existing tagset. These new tags are used in explicit annotation of subordinate clauses via(More)
In recent years large repositories of structured knowledge (DBpedia, Freebase, YAGO) have become a valuable resource for language technologies, especially for the automatic aggregation of knowledge from textual data. One essential component of language technologies, which leverage such knowledge bases, is the linking of words or phrases in specific text(More)
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