Daryoush Habibi

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The bufferless fluid flow model (bffm) is often used in the literature for loss performance analysis. In this paper, we propose an efficient and effective means of investigating cell loss using the bffm. We define the cell loss rate function (clrf) and use it to characterize the loss performance of traffic sources in the bffm. Stochastic ordering theory is(More)
A robust current control strategy for PV (photovoltaic) grid-connected systems is required for reliable use of solar energy as an abundant and clean renewable energy. This paper presents real time optimization parameters of the current control strategy for a 3-phase photovoltaic grid-connected Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) system. The proposed controller(More)
One of the major challenges in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) deployment is to decrease sensor node's energy consumption to prolong the lifetime of the finite-capacity batteries. Using multihop has been viewed as one of the main techniques to prolong operational lifetime in wireless sensor networks. In this paper we offer a study on transmission power(More)
Video surveillance on public transport is a useful tool to fight against anti-social behaviour like vandalism, harassment, graffiti and terrorism. Real-time video surveillance on moving public transport faces serious technological challenges mainly due to limited throughput offered by existing communication technologies at high vehicular speeds. Success of(More)
Wireless local area networks (WLANs) have become very popular both in private and public sectors. Despite the fast expansion of WLANs in various environments, quality of service (QoS) issues for multimedia applications in WLANs are not yet resolved. Multimedia applications contain traffic that are sensitive to delay and jitter and therefore a best-effort(More)