Daryoosh Dideban

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—Statistical variability is a major challenge for CMOS scaling and integration. In order to achieve variability aware design, it's critical important to reliably transfer device characteristics statistical variability information into compact models. A PCA based statistical compact modeling strategy is benchmarked against 'atomistic' device simulation and(More)
Statistical variability associated with discreteness of charge and granularity of matter is one of limiting factors for CMOS scaling and integration. The major MOSFET statistical variability sources and corresponding physical simulations are discussed in detail. Direct statistical parameter extraction approach is presented and the scalability of 6T and 8T(More)
Statistical variability (SV) presents increasing challenges to CMOS scaling and integration at nanometer scales. It is essential that SV information is accurately captured by compact models in order to facilitate reliable variability aware design. Using statistical compact model parameter extraction for the new industry standard compact model PSP, we(More)
Statistical variability (SV) is one of the fundamental limiting factors for future nano- CMOS scaling and integration of. Variability aware design is essential to achieve reasonable yield and reliability in the manufacture of circuit and systems. To develop effective variability aware design technologies it is essential to have a reliable and accurate(More)
A novel simulation algorithm capable of capturing statistical variability manifests in digital design is proposed. The only estimations for the algorithm inputs are the standard deviations of channel length and the gate voltage. Implementing the algorithm for the simulation of propagation delay times of the basic digital building blocks such as inverter,(More)
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