Daryne Costa

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In this work, the influence of processing methods on the properties of starch/gelatin films plasticized with glycerol and sorbitol is reported. Four different processing techniques: casting; pressing; pressing followed by blowing and extrusion followed by blowing were evaluated. Bioplastics prepared by casting were homogeneous and transparent with lower(More)
In recent years, an increasing interest has been focused on the adsorption of molecules on surfaces due to the importance of technologies based on the interaction of organic systems with metals and oxides for biosensors, catalysis, and molecularly imprinted polymer technology. A particularly attractive area is the study of chiral surfaces, as these can act(More)
The interaction of water with extended defects such as mono- and diatomic steps at the MgO(100) surface is investigated through first-principles simulations, as a function of water coverage. At variance with flat MgO(100) terraces, water adsorption is always dissociative on mono- and diatomic steps, as well as on MgO(110) surfaces. In most of the(More)
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