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Success of the shrimp aquaculture industry requires technological advances that increase production and environmental sustainability. Indoor, superintensive, aquaculture systems are being developed that permit year-round production of farmed shrimp at high densities. These systems are intended to overcome problems of disease susceptibility and of water(More)
Subjects with asthma who are intensively treated in residential care facilities frequently demonstrate marked clinical improvement in their disease, with fewer attacks and improved well being. Despite their improved status, it is known that pulmonary function test results often remain abnormal in patients with asthma. This prospective study on children with(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify psychological and demographic correlates of children and adolescents known to overuse beta 2-agonist metered dose inhalers (beta-MDIs). DESIGN During residential care for severe asthma, demographic and psychological characteristics of 17 children and adolescents known to be beta-MDI overusers were compared with 38 asthmatic subjects(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare a group of hospitalized asthmatic children taking theophylline with a similar group of hospitalized nonasthmatic children on standardized measures of distractibility, attention, hyperactivity, and academic achievement. DESIGN Standardized psychological tests were used to measure cognition, attention, and learning, and results for the(More)
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