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Deciding whether bidders at auctions are playing a best response is perhaps one of the most fundamental questions faced by empirical workers employing the structural econometric approach. Investigations of this question depend heavily on whether the true valuations of bidders are observed. We develop an approach to bound best-response violations when(More)
The drinking habits, demographic characteristics and knowledge about the effects of drinking during pregnancy of 380 pregnant women in Belfast were investigated. Forty-five per cent of the women were non-drinkers, 39% were occasional drinkers and 16% were regular drinkers. The majority of women knew that alcohol could harm their babies but were unsure of(More)
Chronic infectious respiratory disease in a past human population is investigated through the quantification of maxillary sinusitis among Iroquoian horticulturists. Three hundred forty-eight right and left maxillae of a Southern Ontario Iroquoian skeletal sample, Uxbridge Ossuary, ca. AD 1440, were examined for evidence of chronic infection (minimum number(More)
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