Daryl K Bandy

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BACKGROUND Marmosets are a powerful, emerging model for human behavior and neurological disorders. However, longitudinal imaging modalities that visualize both cellular structure and function within the cortex are not available in this animal model. Hence, we implemented an approach to quantify vascular topology, hemodynamics, and neural activity in awake(More)
Coupled-mode theory is used to numerically calculate the coupling coefficients between the modes of a tapered fiber and those of a fused-silica microsphere. In the visible and near-infrared wavelength ranges, typical tapered fibers are multimode. To maximize the photon tunneling from the fundamental fiber mode to the microsphere whispering-gallery mode and(More)
The gain and carrier temperature response of semiconductor laser media to picosecond optical pulses with various pulse energies is obtained by means of a model that is based on rate equations extended to include the carrier energy density equation. The temperature dynamics are obtained from the carrier energy density by use of a quasi-equilibrium(More)
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