Daryl Greaves

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FUNDus reflectometry has been in use for some years as a method of measuring the bleaching of visual pigments which occurs when light falls on the retina (Weale, 1953; Rushton, 1956). This principle has been extended to the study of changes in the intra-ocular vascular circulation, and an apparatus, designed for this purpose and giving a continuous(More)
Since the nineteenth century the theory and practice of mainstream Western medicine has been grounded in the biomedical model. In the later years of the twentieth century, however, it has faced a range of serious problems, which when viewed collectively, remain unresolved despite a variety of responses. The question we now face is whether these problems can(More)
The UK's first taught master's degree in medical humanities involves a field of inquiry that is frequently philosophical, pursuing interests and questions traditionally arising in medical philosophy and ethics, but on a larger interdisciplinary canvas, drawing upon literature and the visual arts, sociology and anthropology, social history and politics, and(More)