Daryl Foster

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The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between shoulder alignment and elbow angle during the delivery action of fast-medium bowlers. The elbow and upper trunk alignment were recorded for 13 high-performance bowlers (mean age 20 years) using a 12-camera Vicon motion analysis system operating at 250 Hz. The three highest velocity trials for(More)
Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) enable fuel savings by re-using kinetic and potential energy that was recovered and stored in a battery during braking or driving down hill. Besides, the vehicle itself can be seen as a storage device, where kinetic energy can be stored and retrieved by changing the forward velocity. It is beneficial for fuel consumption to(More)
This study sought to identify kinematic differences in finger-spin bowling actions required to generate variations in ball speed and spin between different playing groups. A 12-camera Vicon system recorded the off-spin bowling actions of six elite and 13 high-performance spin bowlers, and the "doosra" actions of four elite and two high-performance players.(More)
The efficacy of anticancer therapies cannot be assessed easily during the treatment yet it is an important determinant of eventual treatment success. It has been observed that ultrasound backscatter from collections of acute myeloid leukaemia cells that are undergoing cell death due to chemo- or radiation therapy show increased intensity and changes in(More)
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