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Trying to remember something now typically improves your ability to remember it later. However, after watching a video of a simulated bank robbery, participants who verbally described the robber were 25% worse at identifying the robber in a lineup than were participants who instead listed U.S. states and capitals-this has been termed the "verbal(More)
European market deregulation is destabilizing the economic environment of French farmers leading to an increase in market risks. In the dairy sector, the 2003 CAP reform has lead to major changes (removal of export subsidies and increase in the European milk quota). The dairy supply chain is now coping with higher production and price risks. The dairy(More)
Psychiatric, psychologic and psychotherapeutic care of HIV patients is integrated inside a specific medical institution. The psychological representations that AIDS mobilizes pervade the intense medical relationship between internists, nurses and the HIV patients. This relationship becomes the central node for the differentiation of psychologists and(More)
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