Darwyn R. Peachey

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Texturing is an effective method of simulating surface detail at relatively low cost. Traditionally, texture functions have been defined on the two-dimensional surface coordinate systems of individual surface patches. This paper introduces the notion of "solid texturing". Solid texturing uses texture functions defined throughout a region of(More)
Although modeling natural phenomena is recognized as one of the greatest challenges of computer graphics, relatively little time has been spent on modeling ocean waves. The model presented in this paper is suitable for the rendering and animation of waves approaching and breaking on a sloping beach. Waveforms consist of a phase function which correctly(More)
The scheduler used in an operating system is an important factor in the performance of the system under heavy load. This paper describes the scheduling philosophy employed in the UNIX operating system and outlines the standard scheduling strategies. Modified strategies which address deficiencies in the standard strategies are described. The effectiveness of(More)
PORTRAY is an image synthesis system which uses ray tracing to produce realistic images of three-dimensional scenes. Scenes are described to PORTRAY in a high-level description language. The basic geometric modelling technique is constructive solid geometry using primitive solids bounded by planes and quadrics. A variety of optical characteristics and(More)
This paper describes a system for generating attributed translators. The translator is based on an LL(1) parser generator which has been augmented with error detection and recovery capabilities. These aspects are outlined in the paper. Attributed translation grammars are briefly introduced prior to a discussion of an attributed translation system, ATS,(More)
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