Darwin Parra

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Recent studies presenting genetic analysis of dog breeds do not focus specifically on genetic relationships among pointing dog breeds, although hunting was among the first traits of interest when dogs were domesticated. This report compares histories with genetic relationships among five modern breeds of pointing dogs (English Setter, English Pointer,(More)
Mobile application developers pay little attention to the interactions between applications and the cellular network carrying their traffic. This results in waste of device energy and network signaling resources. We place part of the blame on mobile OSes: they do not expose adequate interfaces through which applications can interact with the network. We(More)
TROUSSOV, A., DAŘENA, F., ŽIŽKA, J., PARRA, D., BRUSILOVSKY, P.: Vectorised Spreading Activation algorithm for centrality measurement. Acta univ. agric. et silvic. Mendel. Brun., 2011, LIX, No. 7, pp. 469– 476 Spreading Activation is a family of graph-based algorithms widely used in areas such as information retrieval, epidemic models, and recommender(More)
The formulae for computing the so-called Sib Index using codominant alleles for (1) full-sib and (2) half-sib parentage are given. Hypothesis testing is based on the distribution of conditional likelihood ratio or Bayes' factor. Thresholds for rejecting the null hypothesis and P-values were obtained in function of the number of alleles and their frequency(More)
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