Darwin Lau

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In this paper, a technique to generate the wrench-closure workspace for general case completely restrained cable driven parallel mechanisms is proposed. Existing methods can be classified as either numerically or analytically based approaches. Numerical techniques exhaustively sample the task space, which can be inaccurate due to discretisation and is(More)
—Multilink cable-driven manipulators offer the com-pactness of serial mechanisms while benefitting from the advantages of cable-actuated systems. One major challenge in modeling multilink cable-driven manipulators is that the number of combinations in the possible cable-routing increases exponentially with the number of rigid bodies. In this paper, a(More)
—Joint interaction forces and moments play a significant role within multilink cable-driven manipulators (MCDMs). In this paper, the consideration of joint interaction forces and moments in the objective functions and constraints specific to the inverse dynamics of MCDMs are considered for the first time. By formulating the relationship between the joint(More)
A set of constraints for motion planning whilst maintaining contact between a robot and a passive object is considered. It is demonstrated that a set of kinematic limits for the trajec-tory can be determined based upon the available force range and system response to perturbations. The proposed constraints are discre-tised and reformulated for a 2-D(More)