Darwich E Bejany

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PURPOSE Urologists frequently rely on symptom and problem indexes to monitor patients with interstitial cystitis (IC). Uronic acid is a component of most glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which is a protective bladder urothelium coating. We evaluated whether urinary uronate and sulfated GAG levels correlate with IC severity and we characterized urinary GAG(More)
Objectives. To evaluate the use of interposition flaps in repairing vesicovaginal fistulas (VVFs) of benign and malignant etiologies. Interposition flaps are not routinely used in the repair of VVFs when the surrounding tissues appear healthy and well-vascularized, such as in a benign etiology.Methods. We retrospectively reviewed the charts of 37 women(More)
Pelvic exenteration is a salvage procedure used primarily for recurrent gynecologic carcinoma. Up to the present time, an ileal or colon conduit has been used for urinary diversion and the patient remains incontinent of urine. This is a preliminary report of nine patients with gynecologic carcinoma in whom a continent urinary diversion procedure was(More)
We present 11 male patients with spinal cord injury and neurogenic bladder disease in whom malignant vesical tumors developed. The incidence of these tumors in our spinal cord injury unit was 2.3 per cent. We investigated retrospectively the clinical, endoscopic and radiographic diagnoses, and analyzed the treatment. The most common presenting symptoms were(More)
A continent colonic urinary reservoir was created in 10 patients who had undergone anterior exenteration for invasive bladder carcinoma. A tapered distal ileal segment with a catheterizable abdominal stoma provided full continence in all 10 patients. Tapering of the terminal ileum was achieved with a gastrointestinal anastomosis stapler in 5 patients or(More)
The Miami pouch, a continent colonic urinary reservoir, was constructed in 75 patients after cystectomy for invasive bladder tumor (44), gynecological tumor (25), neurogenic bladder (4) and conversion of an ileal conduit (2). Continence was achieved by tapering the distal ileum over a 14F catheter and reinforcing the ileocecal valve with 3 circumferential(More)
A total of 29 patients received an ileal segment interposition between the upper and lower urinary tract for partial or total ureteral substitution, or for ileal wrapping around a massively dilated, aperistaltic ureter. Indications for an operation included the presence of an extensively diseased or short ureter and an aperistaltic megaureter that had(More)
A total of 25 patients 17 to 78 years old (mean age 61 years) underwent bladder replacement with a modified ileocolonic bladder: 20 underwent construction of the neobladder following cystoprostatectomy for invasive bladder tumor, 4 after cystectomy for severe interstitial cystitis and 1 for undiversion. There were 21 men and 4 women. Followup ranged from 3(More)
A nontunneled, nonrefluxing ureterocolonic implantation was performed in 32 patients who underwent construction of a continent colonic reservoir with a tapered distal ileum, and in 6 who underwent bladder replacement or urinary unidiversion with an ileocolonic segment. Between January 1986 and June 1988, 76 ureterocolonic anastomoses were performed with a(More)