Dartiu Xavier da Silveira

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the frequency of pathological gambling among alcohol and other substance abusers who sought specialized treatment. METHODS Seventy-four outpatients from three different substance abuse treatment services were interviewed. The South Oaks Gambling Screen (SOGS) scale was used for the diagnosis of pathological gambling. The diagnosis(More)
Ritual use of ayahuasca within the context of the Brazilian ayahuasca churches often starts during late childhood or early adolescence. Premature access to psychoactive drugs may represent a risk factor for drug misuse. Conversely, religious affiliation seems to play a protective role in terms of substance abuse. The objective of this study was to describe(More)
Ritual use of ayahuasca, an amazonian Amerindian medicine turned sacrament in syncretic religions in Brazil, is rapidly growing around the world. Because of this internationalization, a comprehensive understanding of the pharmacological mechanisms of action of the brew and the neural correlates of the modified states of consciousness it induces is(More)
The Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression scale is a screening test designed by the National Institute of Mental Health (USA) to screen for 'depressed' individuals in the community. It has been widely used in different settings and cultures displaying variable psychometric properties. The present article describes coefficients of internal consistency(More)
The purpose of the study was to evaluate neuropsychologically adolescents who use ayahuasca in a religious context. A battery of neuropsychological tests was administered to adolescents who use ayahuasca. These subjects were compared to a matched control group of adolescents who did not use ayahuasca. The controls were matched with regards to sex, age, and(More)
INTRODUCTION Craving for cocaine seems to play an important role in the continued use of and dependence on the substance. AIMS to describe characteristics of the craving phenomenon in a sample of cocaine users and to identify those that could predict the appearance of the phenomenon. METHOD 205 cocaine users attending an outpatient clinic were(More)
Ayahuasca is believed to be harmless for those (including adolescents) drinking it within a religious setting. Nevertheless controlled studies on the mental/ psychiatric status of ritual hallucinogenic ayahuasca concoction consumers are still lacking. In this study, 40 adolescents from a Brazilian ayahuasca sect were compared with 40 controls matched on(More)
BACKGROUND Although the frequency of social phobia is high among alcoholic patients, this anxiety disorder is often neglected because treatment tends to be focused exclusively on alcohol dependence. METHODS A total of 300 hospitalized alcoholic patients were interviewed using Structured Clinical Interview for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of(More)
To evaluate, through a systematic review of the literature, the antitumoral effects of cannabinoids on gliomas. Research included the following electronic databases: PUBMED, EMBASE, LILACS and The Cochrane Collaboration Controlled Trials Register. All published studies involving the antitumoral effects (cellular and molecular mechanisms) of cannabinoids(More)
This study investigates the impact of social phobia on adherence to and outcomes 6 months following standard alcohol treatment and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) group meetings among alcohol-dependent patients with and without social phobia. In a cohort study, 300 detoxified alcohol-dependent individuals in Porto Alegre, Brazil, were interviewed during, as well(More)