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Post-attack defensive displays in three praying mantis species
Investigating the stimuli that elicit dynamic defensive displays can indicate when throughout the predation sequence prey are likely to perform them. This is crucial to understanding whether theseExpand
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Chemical signalling and context dependent polyandry in the false garden mantid Pseudomantis albofimbriata (Mantodea: Mantidae)
Multiple mating by females is a common phenomenon in nature. Polyandrous females may benefit from genetically diverse progeny that may survive better in a changing environment. Males in polyandrousExpand
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ERICA: enabling real-time mistake detection & corrective feedback for free-weights exercises
We present ERICA, a digital personal trainer for users performing free weights exercises, with two key differentiators: (a) First, unlike prior approaches that either require multiple on-body wearables or specialized infrastructural sensing, ERICA uses a single in-ear "earable" device (piggybacking on a form factor routinely used by millions of gym-goers) and a simple inertial sensor mounted on each weight equipment. Expand