Darshan K Koticha

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The Ig cell adhesion molecules (CAM) neurofascin (NF) and Nr-CAM are localized at developing nodes of Ranvier in peripheral myelinated axons prior to clustering of Na+ channels. Different isoforms of NF are expressed on neurons and glia, and NF binding on both cells has been suggested to play roles in node and paranode formation. To clarify the role of NF(More)
Neurofascin (NF) is a neural cell adhesion molecule in the L1-family containing six Ig domains and multiple fibronectin type III (FnIII) repeats in its extracellular region. NF has many splicing variants and two of these are exemplars that have different cellular patterns of expression during development. NF186, which is expressed on neurons, contains an(More)
Rab proteins are Ras-like GTPases that regulate traffic along the secretory or endocytic pathways. Within the Rab family, Rab3 proteins are expressed at high levels in neurons and endocrine cells where they regulate release of dense core granules and synaptic vesicles. Immunoelectron microscopy shows that Rab3A and Rab3D can coexist on the same granule(More)
Wild-type syndet is efficiently recruited at the plasma membrane in transfected AtT-20 cells. A deletion at the cysteine-rich domain abolishes palmitoylation, membrane binding, and plasma membrane distribution of syndet. Syndet, SNAP-25A, and SNAP-25B share four cysteine residues, of which three, Cys2, Cys4, and Cys5, are absolutely conserved in all three(More)
SNAP-25 is an integral protein of the plasma membrane involved in neurotransmission and hormone secretion. The cysteine-rich domain of SNAP-25 is essential for membrane binding and plasma-membrane targeting. However, this domain is not required for SNARE complex formation and fusion of membranes in vitro. In this paper, we describe an 'intact-cell'-based(More)
The cell adhesion molecule neurofascin (NF) has a major neuronal isoform (NF186) containing a mucin-like domain followed by a fifth fibronectin type III repeat while these domains are absent from glial NF155. Neuronal NF isoforms lacking one or both of these domains are expressed transiently in embryonic dorsal root ganglia (DRG). These two domains are(More)
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