Darshan Grewaal

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PURPOSE Since doxorubicin causes cardiotoxicity, we wished to assess relative concentrations of doxorubicin and its metabolites in cardiac tissues of patients who had been treated antemortem. We also wished to determine factors that correlate with human cardiac doxorubicin and doxorubicinol concentrations. PATIENTS AND METHODS Autopsy tissues were(More)
Three pairs of human tumour cell Lines each having a cisplatin sensitive parental cell line (normal) and a cisplatin resistant derivative were tested for their cisplatin responses and expression for three reputed mechanisms of resistance. In each case, the derivative cell lines showed resistance to cisplatin when treated either in exponential or plateau(More)
Autopsy tissues were collected from ten patients who had received etoposide, 150–3480 mg, from 1 to 412 days antemortem and from five patients who had received teniposide, 234–1577 mg, from 3 to 52 days antemortem. Tissues were assayed for etoposide and teniposide using high-pressure liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection. Etoposide was(More)
Autopsy-tissues were obtained from eight patients who had last received menogaril (total cumulative dose, 175–1080 mg/m2) intravenously (one patient) or orally (seven patients) from 1 to 285 days prior to death. Tissue samples were assayed for menogaril and its metabolities by high-pressure liquid chromatography. Unchanged menogaril was found only in a(More)
A total of 9 patients entered in a phase I trial who received oral idarubicin daily for 3 days took part in pharmacokinetic studies, and bioavailability studies were performed on 13 additional patients receiving single doses of oral idarubicin alternating with i.v. treatment. The data were best fit by a two-compartment model (distribution and elimination(More)
Exogenous labeled acetylcholine ([14C]ACh) bound, in rat brain cortex slices, in a poorly (or non-) exchangeable form, by prior incubation of the slices in presence of 5 mM [14C]ACh, is partly released in an ACh-free physiological saline-glucose-paraoxon medium by a variety of conditions. Among these are high [K+], lack of Na+ or Ca2+, and the presence of(More)