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Preference Reversals in Decision Making Under Risk are Accompanied by Changes in Attention to Different Attributes
This work found that people exhibited systematic preference reversals between choices and bids, and suggested that the construction of value during decision making under risk depends on task context partly because the task differentially directs attention at probabilities vs. amounts.
The Feasibility and Benefits of In Situ Exploration of ‘Oumuamua-like Objects
A rapid accumulation of observations and interpretation have followed in the wake of 1I `Oumuamua's passage through the inner Solar System. We briefly outline the consequences that this first
Evidence that 1I/2017 U1 (‘Oumuamua) was Composed of Molecular Hydrogen Ice
`Oumuamua (I1 2017) was the first macroscopic ($l\sim100\,{\rm m}$) body observed to traverse the inner solar system on an unbound hyperbolic orbit. Its light curve displayed strong periodic
A Vorticity-preserving Hydrodynamical Scheme for Modeling Accretion Disk Flows
Vortices, turbulence, and unsteady non-laminar flows are likely both prominent and dynamically important features of astrophysical disks. Such strongly nonlinear phenomena are often difficult,
A Combined Study of Photospheric Magnetic and Current Helicities and Subsurface Kinetic Helicities of Solar Active Regions during 2006-2013
We compare the average photospheric current helicity $H_c$, photospheric twist parameter $\alpha$ (a well-known proxy for the full relative magnetic helicity), and subsurface kinetic helicity $H_k$
HD 202772A b: A Transiting Hot Jupiter around a Bright, Mildly Evolved Star in a Visual Binary Discovered by TESS
We report the first confirmation of a hot Jupiter discovered by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission: HD 202772A b. The transit signal was detected in the data from TESS Sector 1,
On the Anomalous Acceleration of 1I/2017 U1 ‘Oumuamua
We show that the P ~ 8 hr photometric period and the astrometrically measured A_(ng) ~ 2.5 × 10^(−4) cm s^(−2) non-gravitational acceleration (at r ~ 1.4 au) of the interstellar object 1I/2017
The Color Out of Space
Since the nineteenth century, astronomers have hypothesized the existence of interstellar comets. In every way that they expected the first interstellar comet to behave, ‘Oumuamua acted the opposite.
The Onset of Chaos in Permanently Deformed Binaries from Spin–Orbit and Spin–Spin Coupling
Permanently deformed objects in binary systems can experience complex rotation evolution, arising from the extensively studied effect of spin–orbit coupling as well as more nuanced dynamics arising
Non-linear evolution of the resonant drag instability in magnetized gas
We investigate, for the first time, the non-linear evolution of the magnetized ‘resonant drag instabilities’ (RDIs). We explore magnetohydrodynamic simulations of gas mixed with (uniform) dust