Darryl Wilson

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Research on trust in buyer–supplier relationships has tended to focus on the performance outcomes of a trusting relationship, as well as the processes that serve to build trust. Largely absent from the buyer–supplier literature is an in-depth examination of activities that break down trust, and the resulting effect on supplier trust in the buyer. The(More)
There is a limited amount of home advantage research concerned with winter sports. There is also a distinct lack of studies that investigate home advantage in the context of para sport events. This paper addresses this gap in the knowledge by examining home advantage in the Winter Paralympic Games. Using a standardised measure of success, we compared the(More)
We monitored the state of polarization (SOP) of polarized light in an optical ground wire (OPGW) link located in North America using a test method and apparatus that measured Stokes space angular velocity and geographic location of SOP transients. We observed transients up to 5.1 Mrad/s and were able to correlate these events in both time and location to(More)
There is a paucity of home advantage research set in the context of para-sport events. It is this gap in the knowledge that this paper addresses by investigating the prevalence and size of home advantage in the Summer Paralympic Games. Using a standardised measure of success, we compared the performances of nations when competing at home with their own(More)
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