Darryl E. Marois

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Effects of lactation length and weaning-to-conception interval on the subsequent litter size of purebred sows were estimated using an animal model. Data on 2,847 Landrace sows with 7,125 litters born between January 1989 and May 1997 and on 1,234 Yorkshire sows with 2,999 litters born between January 1990 and May 1997 were obtained from two Canadian(More)
Three bovine carotid heterografts, used for vascular access, were analysed after removal following the development of aneurysms in two cases and thrombosis in one. The first prosthesis was implanted in a 17-year-old man who suffered from myasthenia gravis and was undergoing plasmapheresis. It became notably dilated several months after implantation, and(More)
Constructed wetlands are being utilized to mitigate the impact that excess phosphorus in surface water has on the natural state of the Florida Everglades. This study investigates the role of aquatic metabolism in the retention of phosphorus in wetlands and how it varies with plant community. Eighteen 6-m2 mesocosms receiving inflows with relatively low(More)
The authors used macrophotography, endoscopy, roentgenography, light microscopy, and transmission and scanning electron microscopy to assess the morphologic characteristics of 37 virgin, human, umbilical vein grafts. The specimens showed deep longitudinal folds (22%) and multiple transverse folds of the intimal surface (27%), irregularity of wall thickness(More)
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