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A new reagent for direct difluoromethylation.
Molecular scaffolds containing alkylfluorine substituents are desired in many areas of chemical research from materials to pharmaceuticals. Herein, we report the invention of a new reagentExpand
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Scalable, divergent synthesis of meroterpenoids via "borono-sclareolide".
A scalable, divergent synthesis of bioactive meroterpenoids has been developed. A key component of this work is the invention of "borono-sclareolide", a terpenyl radical precursor that enablesExpand
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Practical and innate C–H functionalization of heterocycles
Nitrogen-rich heterocyclic compounds have had a profound effect on human health because these chemical motifs are found in a large number of drugs used to combat a broad range of diseases andExpand
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Practical radical cyclizations with arylboronic acids and trifluoroborates.
Practical radical cyclizations using organoboronic acids and trifluoroborates take place in water, open to air, and in a scalable fashion employing catalytic silver nitrate and stoichiometricExpand
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Redox-Active Esters in Fe-Catalyzed C–C Coupling
Cross-couplings of alkyl halides and organometallic species based on single electron transfer using Ni and Fe catalyst systems have been studied extensively, and separately, for decades. Here weExpand
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A Simple Procedure for C-C Bond Cleavage of Aromatic and Aliphatic Epoxides with Aqueous Sodium Periodate Under Ambient Conditions.
The sodium periodate mediated oxidative cleavage of the C-C bond of twelve epoxides is reported with yields of the corresponding carbonyl compounds in up to 91%. This is a two-step reaction thatExpand
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An efficient copper-catalyzed coupling reaction of pyridin-2-ones with aryl and heterocyclic halides based on Buchwald's protocol
An efficient copper-catalyzed coupling reaction based on the Buchwald's protocol has been established for pyridin-2-ones with aryl iodides, aryl bromides, and heterocyclic bromides.
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Gas phase and solution structures of 1-methoxyallenyllithium.
A combined computational and (13)C NMR study was used to determine the solution structures of 1-methoxyallenyllithium. The gas phase calculations indicated that this species is aggregated as aExpand
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The Evolution of the Total Synthesis of Rocaglamide.
The complex flavagline, (-)-rocaglamide, possesses a synthetically intriguing tricyclic scaffold with five contiguous stereocenters and also exhibits potent anticancer, anti-inflammatory andExpand
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