Darryl D. Coon

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diode (VID), that had five NDR regions. The five tunneling structures wcrc separated from each other by 500-A n+ InGaAs layers which destroyed electron coherence between the tunneling regions such that each resonant-tunneling structure switched sequentially with increasing bias. The room-temperature I-V characteristics of the VID (diameter of 62 p m ) were(More)
Transient phenomena associated with forward biased silicon p + n n + structures at 4.2K show remarkable similarities with biological neurons. The devices play a role similar to the two-terminal switching elements in Hodgkin-Huxley equivalent circuit diagrams. The devices provide simpler and more realistic neuron emulation than transistors or op-amps. They(More)
t An analysis is carried out to extract the leading effective trajectories and residues in pp and n-p elastic scattering. The results are compared with the predictions of the constituent interchange model and the logarithmic dual model, which are shown to be the only two types of theory capable of providing a uniform link between backward and forward Regge(More)
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