Darryl C Jackson

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PURPOSE We previously reported that brief pulses of electrical stimulation (BPSs) can terminate afterdischarges (ADs) during cortical stimulation. We investigated conditions under which BPS is more likely to suppress ADs. METHODS We analyzed parameters altering BPS effectiveness on 200 ADs in seven patients with implanted subdural electrodes. RESULTS(More)
1. The excretion of piperacillin sodium in bile was studied after intravenous injection of 2 g (n = 5) and 4 g (n = 7). All patients had undergone cholecystectomy and exploration of the common bile duct for cholelithiasis. Bile, serum and urine concentrations were measured by a microbiological technique. 2. Peak concentrations of piperacillin were found in(More)
When held in air for up to 24 h, crayfish accumulated Ca(2+) and Mg(2+) in their haemolymph in direct proportion to raised levels of lactate. K(+) levels were highly variable, with elevated levels associated with morbidity. Lactate accumulation in the haemolymph was reflected in proportional increases in lactate levels in the carapace and muscle. Pieces of(More)
Hypoxemia has previously been reported during lumbar puncture (LP) in infancy. The purpose of this study was to determine whether preoxygenation before the LP would reduce hypoxemia during the procedure in infants. Twenty-one infants (one to 15 weeks of age) undergoing LP for evaluation of possible sepsis were randomly assigned to the control group (12) or(More)