Darryl Banks

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There is a raft of policy guidelines indicating that mental health nurses should be increasing the social inclusion of mental health service users. Despite this there is no universally accepted definition of social inclusion and there is a dearth of empirical evidence on the successful outcome of increasing inclusion for mental health service users.(More)
Transgenic rainbow trout (RT) were generated in earlier experiments by an in vivo modification of the chromosome-mediated gene transfer technique. This involved fertilizing albino RT eggs with gamma-irradiated brook (speckled) trout (ST) sperm and then heat shocking the eggs to induce second polar body retention. Striped pigment patterns were stable in six(More)
Mental health nurses frequently draw on self-disclosure practices within their working relationships. These 'confessional' acts can in turn be predicated on traditional assumptions of moral authority exercised by more senior colleagues. More broadly, attention has been drawn to the increasing significance of 'technologies of the self' inside neo-liberal(More)
In this research we examine the phenomenon of escalation bias in the context of organizations managing new product introductions. In particular, we propose a framework for organizing previous escalation research and identify three paths that lead to escalation bias. We then test the relative strength of these paths in driving observed escalation behavior.(More)
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