Darryl A. White

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An efficient algorithm for adaptive kernel smoothing (AKS) of two-dimensional imaging data has been developed and implemented using the Interactive Data Language (IDL). The functional form of the kernel can be varied (top-hat, Gaussian, etc.) to allow different weighting of the event counts registered within the smoothing region. For each individual pixel,(More)
One of the important functions of the U.S. Army's Tactical Internet (TI) is to improve battlefield awareness for individual units. Knowing the positions of friendly and enemy units to an acceptable degree of accuracy not only reduces the likelihood of fratricide but also provides beneficial information for planning and strategy. This knowledge is called(More)
This study describes two practical and simple luminescence techniques developed to evaluate the efficacy of protective clothing materials against permeation of multi-ring polyaromatic compounds contained in heavy oil and petroleum products. The procedures use a rapid and simple technique based on room temperature phosphorimetry and fluorescence detection in(More)
Palmate leaf form occurs in both the ferns and angiosperms. The palmate leaf form, and its variants, is present in distantly separated clades within both ferns and angiosperms. There tend not to be intermediate forms which link these palmate leaves to other leaf forms within the taxonomic groups in question. The recurrence of homoplasious leaf forms in(More)
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