Darryl A Chang

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Central congenital hypoventilation syndrome is caused by mutations of the gene that encodes the transcription factor Phox2b. The syndrome is characterized by a severe form of sleep apnea attributed to greatly compromised central and peripheral chemoreflexes. In this study, we analyze whether Phox2b expression in the brainstem respiratory network is(More)
The rat retrotrapezoid nucleus (RTN) contains candidate central chemoreceptors that have extensive dendrites within the marginal layer (ML). This study describes the axonal projections of RTN neurons and their probable synaptic inputs. The ML showed a dense plexus of nerve terminals immunoreactive (ir) for markers of glutamatergic (vesicular glutamate(More)
Phox2b is required for development of the peripheral autonomic nervous system and a subset of cranial nerves and lower brainstem nuclei. Phox2b mutations in man cause diffuse autonomic dysfunction and deficits in the automatic control of breathing. Here we study the distribution of Phox2b in the adult rat hindbrain to determine whether this protein is(More)
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