Darrin J. Young

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A low-power silicon-tunnel-diode-based LC-tuned oscillator transmitter is proposed for high-temperature MEMS sensing and wireless data transmission applications. The prototype sensing and transmitting module employs a MEMS silicon capacitive pressure sensor performing pressure to frequency conversion and a miniature on-board coil loop serving as the(More)
  • Darrin J Young
  • 2010
An RF-powered wireless three-channel implantable bio-sensing microsystem is developed with blood pressure, EKG, and core body temperature sensing capability for untethered genetically engineered laboratory mice real-time monitoring. A flat silicone blood pressure sensing cuff with a MEMS capacitive pressure sensor is employed to form a novel less-invasive(More)
A wireless, batteryless, and implantable EKG and core body temperature sensing microsystem with adaptive RF powering for untethered genetically engineered mice real-time monitoring is designed, implemented, and in vivo characterized. A packaged microsystem, exhibiting a total size of 9 mm x 7 mm x 3 mm with a weight of 400 mg including a pair of(More)
A RF voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) employs an on-chip, high-Q, three-dimensional (3-D) coil inductor and micro-machined variable capacitor for frequency tuning. Unlike conventional spiral inductors, the 3-D inductor minimizes the substrate loss and achieves a record Q of 30 at 1 GHz. The micromachined variable capacitor achieves a 15% tuning range(More)
We are developing a personal micronavigation system that uses high-resolution gait-corrected inertial measurement units. The goal of this project is to develop a navigation system that use secondary inertial variables, such as velocity, to enable long-term precise navigation in the absence of Global Positioning System (GPS) and beacon signals. In this(More)
A totally implant cochlear hearing aids system, integrating an implant microphone, interface electronics, a speech processor, a stimulator, and cochlear electrodes, can overcome the uncomfortable, inconvenient, and stigma problems associated with the conventional and semi-implantable hearing aids. This paper presents a laboratory feasibility study on the(More)
An optimized remote powering architecture with a miniature and implantable RF power converter for an untethered small laboratory animal inside a cage is proposed. The proposed implantable device exhibits dimensions less than 6 mmx6 mmx1 mm, and a mass of 100 mg including a medical-grade silicon coating. The external system consists of a Class-E power(More)