Darrin D. Frey

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We consider two families of plane partitions: totally symmetric self-complementary plane partitions (TSSCPPs) and cyclically symmetric transpose complement plane partitions (CSTCPPs). If T (n) and C(n) are the numbers of such plane partitions in a 2n× 2n× 2n box, then ord2(T (n)) = ord2(C(n)) for all n ≥ 1. We also discuss various consequences, along with(More)
In this paper, we consider sequences comprised of n (m− 1)’s and r −1’s (where m ≥ 2) with the sum of each subsequence of the first j terms nonnegative. We will denote the number of such sequences as { n r } m−1. Our goal is to present various results involving { n r } m−1, including an interpretation of the sequences counted by { n r } m−1 which truly(More)
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