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current distribution is windowed, and the level of the edge singu-larity is reduced by this process, the computed RCS shows a much better agreement over the entire region. It should be noted that the values of the RCS at grazing angles to the plate are weak, and are on the order of Ϫ25 dB, as compared to the backscattering RCS. Hence, an accurate prediction(More)
Predictions from a simple line source dispersion model, Caline3, were included as a covariate in a land use regression (LUR) model for NO(X)/NO(2) in Los Angeles, CA and Seattle, WA. The Caline3 model prediction assumed a unit emission factor for all roadway segments (1.0g/vehicle-mile). The NO(X) and/or NO(2) measurements for LA and Seattle were obtained(More)
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