Darren Sinclair

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One of the crucial issues of our time is how to avoid serious, and perhaps cataclysmic, damage to the natural environment. The causes of such damage are both complex and controversial, and arise from a wide variety of social and economic pressures. The results, however, are more readily apparent. The evidence that pollution, land degradation,(More)
This paper focuses on impediments to environmentally sound management practices and how there might be overcome, with an emphasis on the role of environmental management systems, supply chains and civil society. It argues: • Farmers are under increased pressure to cut costs and improve production but with little opportunity to increase prices. Commonly(More)
The management of surface and groundwater can be regarded as presenting resource dilemmas. These are situations where multiple users share a common resource pool, and make contested claims about their rights to access the resource, and the best use and distribution of the resource among competing needs. Overshadowed by uncertainties caused by limited data(More)
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