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In the area of logistics, there currently is a capability gap between the one-ton Army robotic Multifunction Utility/Logistics and Equipment (MULE) vehicle and a soldier’s backpack. The Unmanned Systems Branch at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR Systems Center, or SSC), San Diego, with the assistance of a group of interns from nearby High Tech(More)
Enabling warfighters to efficiently and safely execute dangerous missions, unmanned systems have been an increasingly valuable component in modern warfare. The evolving use of unmanned systems leads to vast amounts of data collected from sensors placed on the remote vehicles. As a result, many command and control (C2) systems have been developed to provide(More)
Tracheo-oesophageal prostheses are commonly inserted in patients following total laryngectomy to improve the quality of the voice. Unfortunately the device eventually fails and requires replacement. A valve change, although well tolerated by patients, necessitates an out-patient visit and delay in its replacement can lead to problems of pneumonia or(More)
We report a case of accidental ingestion of model car fuel (Optifuel) resulting in an apparent elevation of serum creatinine of 274 µmol/L (3.1 mg/dL) as measured by the Jaffe (alkaline picrate) reaction, which resulted in an acute kidney injury (AKI) stage 3 alert being reported. Optifuel contains nitromethane, which has been reported to interfere in the(More)
Unmanned systems have been cited as one of the future enablers of all the services to assist the warfighter in dominating the battlespace. The potential benefits of unmanned systems are being closely investigated – from providing increased and potentially stealthy surveillance, removing the warfighter from harms way, to reducing the manpower required to(More)
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