Darren P Hutchinson

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OBJECTIVES This study sought to compare outcomes after surgical valvuloplasty and balloon dilation of the aortic valve in neonates and infants. BACKGROUND Surgical techniques of aortic valve repair have improved and there is today controversy on the best approach to treat neonatal congenital aortic valve stenosis. METHODS Retrospective review of data(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether antidrug antibodies and/or drug non-trough levels predict the long-term treatment response in a large cohort of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treated with adalimumab or etanercept and to identify factors influencing antidrug antibody and drug levels to optimize future treatment decisions. METHODS A total of 331(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the potential relation between cumulative exposure to cigarette smoking in patients with or without rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and a positive family history of the disease. METHODS 239 outpatient based patients with RA were compared with 239 controls matched for age, sex, and social class. A detailed smoking history was recorded(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the spectrum of cardiac disorders, timing in relation to interventional procedures, and outcome in children with cardiac disease and arterial ischemic stroke (AIS). METHODS Children younger than 18 years with cardiac disease and radiologically confirmed AIS admitted to the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne between 1993 and 2010(More)
Two groups of prepubertal children with severe obstructive sleep apnea syndrome received continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment using a nasal mask. The five children in group A had nasal CPAP only in a hospital setting; the five children in group B received the treatment at home as well. Four of these five children, who have now been followed(More)
OBJECTIVES To document changes in the normal embryonic/fetal cardiac axis in the late first and early second trimesters of pregnancy. METHODS Images from 188 fetal echocardiograms performed prospectively between 8 and 15 weeks' gestation in 166 healthy pregnancies and in 10 pregnancies with severe fetal heart disease were reviewed. For each(More)
OBJECTIVES It was noted that treatment of a patient with acute mania by haloperidol was associated with marked improvement in activity of rheumatoid arthritis. The objective of this study was to examine the effects of haloperidol on inflammatory cytokine release in vitro, as a potential mechanism to explain the in vivo anti-inflammatory effects of(More)