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Frameworks offer opportunities for better understanding of the efficacy of patient empowerment. However, some of these frameworks appear to be constituted in different ways by professional body involved in healthcare and research. Through review of existing frameworks and an articulation of patient demands, weaknesses in current structures to support(More)
The empowerment of citizens in relation to personal healthcare management includes consideration of a multi-faceted collection of elements. Simplistic forms of understanding, which link empowerment to access provide limited acknowledgement for the requirement to facilitate a greater sense of health ownership in patients and collaborative working practices(More)
This paper outlines research towards strengthening our understanding of the representation of cultural artifacts in video games. The approach described outlines steps towards utilising a framework using dimensions of cultural heritage as reference points for games analysis. This framework is then used as a mechanism to analyse two games: Assassin's Creed I(More)
Trust Negotiation, as a complex access control approach, can enable two unknown entities to establish a bilateral trust relationship. The complexity of Trust Negotiation may be ascribed to its support for the use of different strategies. Currently, a variety of strategies have been designed for Trust Negotiation, and the majority can support the exchange of(More)
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