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The Dark Energy Survey Data Management (DESDM) system will process and archive the data from the Dark Energy Survey (DES) over the five year period of operation. This paper focuses on a new adaptable processing framework developed to perform highly automated, high performance data parallel processing. The new processing framework has been used to process 45(More)
During an electron microscopic study of experimental demyelination, many variations in the contour of the myelin sheath were observed in normal guinea pig sciatic nerves. These variations consisted of loops and folds of compact myelin which indented the axoplasm or protruded into the Schwann cell cyto-plasm. Depending on the plane of section they were seen(More)
In chronic experiments on rabbits the possibility of artificial modeling of motivational feeding pacemaker's function by different limbic-reticular structures was investigated. It was shown that simultaneous stimulation of the lateral hypothalamic "feeding" centre with various structures of the limbic-reticular complex makes secondary pacemaker of feeding(More)
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