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In this investigation, we describe a quantitative technique to measure coronary motion, which can be correlated with cardiac image quality using multislice computed tomography (MSCT) scanners. MSCT scanners, with subsecond scanning, thin-slice imaging (sub-millimeter) and volume scanning capabilities have paved the way for new clinical applications like(More)
A specific, sensitive, and reproducible in vitro assay for antithyroid compounds and environmental goitrogens has been used to investigate antithyroid activity (AA) in small samples of water supplying 15 localities in endemic and nonendemic goiter areas of western Colombia. A significant positive correlation was observed between goiter prevalence and AA in(More)
Thirteen hypetensive non-insulin dependent diabetics (9 male, 4 female, mean age 61.6 +/- 6 years) were given 6 weeks treatment with captopril in a dose range 75-150 mg/day. Each patient underwent a standard glucose tolerance test and had blood pressure profiles recorded before and after captopril. Supine systolic blood pressure (mmHg) improved from 181(More)
A preliminary single-animal study of in vivo argon laser vascular welding was conducted using a canine model. The effects of temperature feedback control and saline drip cooling on patency and collagen cross-linking were investigated. The surface temperature at the centre of the laser spot was monitored using a two-colour infrared thermometer. The surface(More)
Although calcium antagonists may impair insulin release in vitro, clinical studies have produced conflicting results. Felodipine is a highly selective dihydropyridine calcium antagonist effective in the treatment of hypertension. The efficacy of felodipine was assessed in a double-blind randomized placebo cross-over study of 21 Type 2 diabetic patients with(More)
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