Darren M. Manley

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K. Abe,21 T. Akagi,18,21 B. D. Anderson,7 P. L. Anthony,18 R. G. Arnold,1 T. Averett,5 H. R. Band,23 C. M. Berisso,9 P. Bogorad,15 H. Borel,6 P. E. Bosted,1 V. Breton,3 M. J. Buenerd,18 G. D. Cates,15 T. E. Chupp,10 S. Churchwell,9 K. P. Coulter,10 M. Daoudi,18 P. Decowski,17 R. Erickson,18 J. N. Fellbaum,1 H. Fonvieille,3 R. Gearhart,18 V. Ghazikhanian,8(More)
The Major Intrinsic Proteins are found throughout the bacterial, plant, and animal kingdoms and are responsible for the rapid transport of water and other small, polar solutes across membranes. The superfamily includes the aquaporins, the aquaglyceroporins, and the glycerol facilitators. We have overexpressed and purified the Escherichia coli inner membrane(More)
K. Abe , T. Akagi , B. D. Anderson , P. L. Anthony , R. G. Arnold , T. Averett , H. R. Band , C. M. Berisso , P. Bogorad , H. Borel , P. E. Bosted , V. Breton , M. J. Buenerd , G. D. Cates , T. E. Chupp , S. Churchwell , K. P. Coulter , M. Daoudi , P. Decowski , R. Erickson , J. N. Fellbaum , H. Fonvieille , R. Gearhart , V. Ghazikhanian , K. A. Griffioen ,(More)
(2008). Measurement of the invariant-mass spectrum for the two photons from the η→π0γγ decay. Measurement of the invariant-mass spectrum for the two photons from the η → π 0 γ γ decay New results on the rare, doubly radiative decay η → π 0 γ γ have been obtained from a revised analysis of the Crystal Ball experiment performed at the AGS. The analysis yields(More)
Understanding membrane protein folding and stability is required for a molecular explanation of function and for the development of interventions in membrane protein folding diseases. Stable aqueous detergent solutions of the Escherichia coli glycerol facilitator in its native oligomeric state have been difficult to prepare as the protein readily unfolds(More)
Reductions in regional coronary flow result in tissue deoxygenation and decrease in surface temperature, changes detectable by near-infrared spectroscopic (NIRS) and thermal imaging, respectively. In anesthetized open-chest pigs, an inflatable occluder and flow probe were placed around the left anterior descending artery. Gated NIRS and nongated thermal(More)
Effects of coronary vasodilator, dipyridamole, on epicardial oxygenation and flow were investigated under conditions of moderate coronary occlusion using near-infrared spectroscopic (NIRS) and thermal imaging. In anesthetized open chest pigs an inflatable occluder and flow probe were placed around the left anterior descending artery (LAD). In the ischemic(More)
Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOFMS) of proteins and peptides was performed on samples deposited onto non-porous ether-type polyurethane (PU) membranes. Spectra obtained using PU membranes showed that mass resolution and accuracy were equivalent to values observed using a metal target, and superior to(More)
Fluorescence, absorbance, and binding of a mitochondrial membrane potential-sensitive probe, rhodamine 800 (rhod800), were measured in isolated rat mitochondria, hepatocytes, cardiomyocytes, and hearts in the presence or absence of mitochondrial uncouplers. Excitation of rhod800 was achieved with laser diodes (690 or 670 nm) and resulted in a fluorescence(More)