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In recent years the computing power of graphics cards has increased significantly. Indeed, the growth in the computing power of these graphics cards is now several orders of magnitude greater than the growth in the power of computer processor units. Thus these graphics cards are now beginning to be used by the scientific community aslow cost, high(More)
—Reducing costs whilst maintaining passenger satisfaction is an important problem for airports. One area this can be applied is the security lane checks at the airport. However, reducing costs through reducing lane openings typically increases queue length and hence passenger dissatisfaction. This paper demonstrates that evolutionary methods can be used to(More)
Keyword search is associate degree intuitive paradigm for looking joined knowledge sources on the online. We have a tendency to propose to route keywords solely to relevant sources to cut back the high value of process keyword search queries over all sources. We have a tendency to propose a unique methodology for computing top-k routing plans supported(More)
Modern CPUs are complex with hierarchical cache memory levels, vector instruction sets, instruction level parallelism and multiple processor cores. Hence, extracting the maximum performance for a given algorithm is a complex task and can require the optimisation of a number of parameters. This paper will demonstrate the use of an evolutionary approach to(More)
Microelectronics are typically critical components in a military platform, some of which may become obsolete, before the equipment life cycle end. Obsolete components may be required for a number of reasons. Components can become obsolete even before production of a platform commences. The selection of solutions for resolving obsolete components throughout(More)