Darren L. Rhea

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Let S be a finite set of points in the plane and let T (S) be the set of intersection points between pairs of lines passing through any two points in S. We characterize all configurations of points S such that iteration of the above operation produces a dense set. We also discuss partial results on the characterization of those finite point-sets with(More)
We study equations in groups G with unique m-th roots for each positive integer m. A word equation in two letters is an expression of the form w(X, A) = B, where w is a finite word in the alphabet {X, A}. We think of A, B ∈ G as fixed coefficients, and X ∈ G as the unknown. Certain word equations, such as XAXAX = B, have solutions in terms of radicals: X =(More)
Equations solvable by radicals in a uniquely divisible group. arXiv:1004.5239 2011 4. Lionel Levine, Sandpile groups and spanning trees of directed line graphs. Parallel chip-firing on the complete graph: devil's staircase and Poincaré rotation number. Scaling limits for internal aggregation models with multiple sources. Strong spherical asymptotics for(More)
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