Darren L. Rhea

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Much less known, however, is that there is a description of Aut(G), the automorphism group of G. The first compete characterization that we are aware of is contained in a paper by Ranum [1] near the turn of the last century. Beyond this, however, there are few other expositions. Our goal is to fill this gap, thereby providing a much needed accessible and(More)
Elucidating how the brain's serotonergic network mediates diverse behavioral actions over both relatively short (minutes-hours) and long period of time (days-weeks) remains a major challenge for neuroscience. Our relative ignorance is largely due to the lack of technologies with robustness, reversibility, and spatio-temporal control. Recently, we have(More)
Let S be a finite set of points in the plane and let T (S) be the set of intersection points between pairs of lines passing through any two points in S. We characterize all configurations of points S such that iteration of the above operation produces a dense set. We also discuss partial results on the characterization of those finite point-sets with(More)
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