Darren L Oatley-Radcliffe

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The fractionation of nitrogen (as ammonia/ammonium) and phosphorus (as phosphate ions) present in the dairy manure digestate was investigated using a nanofiltration membrane NF270. The filtration and separation efficiencies were correlated to pH across the range 3 < pH < 11. Filtration at pH 11 enabled higher permeate flux of 125-150 LMH at 20 bar, however(More)
The harvesting of the microalgae Scenedesmus species using a 200 L pilot-scale microfiltration system was investigated and critically assessed. The energy requirement was determined and correlated to the different operating parameters, such as transmembrane pressure (ΔP), membrane area, temperature, and initial biomass concentration. A filtration model was(More)
Entomopathogenic fungi offer much potential for the control of arthropod pests. Very little is known about the impact of inoculum drift and runoff on aquatic non-target invertebrates. In general, there are no clear guidelines on risk assessment of these biological control agents and their secreted compounds. In the current study, Metarhizium brunneum(More)
The environmental impact of shale oil and gas production by hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is of increasing concern. The biggest potential source of environmental contamination is flowback and produced water, which is highly contaminated with hydrocarbons, bacteria and particulates, meaning that traditional membranes are readily fouled. We show the(More)
The effect of specific narrow light-emitting diode (LED) wavelengths (red, green, blue) and a combination of LED wavelengths (red, green and blue - RGB) on biomass composition produced by Porphyridium purpureum is studied. Phycobiliprotein, fatty acids, exopolysaccharides, pigment content, and the main macromolecules composition were analysed to determine(More)
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