Darren L. Hauser

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We describe a prototype compact mobile laser scanning system that may be operated from a backpack or unmanned aerial vehicle. The system is small, self-contained, relatively inexpensive, and easy to deploy. A description of system components is presented, along with the initial calibration of the multi-sensor platform. The first field tests of the system,(More)
Earthquake early warning (EEW) can reduce harm to people and infrastructure from earthquakes and tsunamis, but it has not been implemented in most high earthquake-risk regions because of prohibitive cost. Common consumer devices such as smartphones contain low-cost versions of the sensors used in EEW. Although less accurate than scientific-grade(More)
We propose combining a forward model based support vector regression and the semianalytical radiative transfer model to determine shallow water characteristics. The derived water depths were compared to both LiDAR derived water depths and field measured water depths. The bathymetry results show that both LiDAR and hyperspectral imagery are unable to(More)
The capability of airborne LiDAR scanners (ALS) to record returns from the ground surface and other targets occluded by forest canopies has been of great value for geosciences and military operations. In this paper we present preliminary results from efforts aimed to characterize different types of forest canopies and to assess the quantity and quality of(More)
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