Darren J. Sapper

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Complete feeding sequences (bite to terminal swallow) were recorded in 11 individuals (Class I occlusions) feeding on apple, banana and biscuit (hard cookie) to establish whether jaw movements characteristic of the stage I transport, chewing, stage II transport and swallowing processes found in non-human mammals could be identified in man. All participants(More)
The intracerebroventricular (icv) administration of 5.0 or 25.0 ng of beta-endorphin or Met-enkephalin causes retrograde amnesia for a shuttle avoidance task ion rats. In both cases, the higher dose was more effective than the lower one. The present results confirm previous similar findings obtained using systemic administrations of these compounds, and(More)
We developed a new method to analyze normal and abnormal movements of the hyoid muscular region as an indicator of hyoid bone motion during swallowing using ultrasound duplex-Doppler imaging. Hyoid bone motion can be monitored by studying the Doppler shift spectra and B-mode images produced by ultrasound duplex imaging of the hyoid region muscular(More)
Numerous studies have demonstrated the ability of focal ERGs to diagnose abnormally functioning maculae in the absence of funduscopic and angiographic signs, as well as to confirm diagnoses of clinically suspected macular disease. We present normative data on the second commercially available focal ERG stimulator (FCS-500, LKC Technologies), which may be(More)
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