Darren G. Gregory

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Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) and its more severe variant, toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN), cause significant ocular surface damage. The majority of affected patients develop conjunctival inflammation during the acute phase of the disease. If intense, this inflammation yields permanent destruction of the normal mucosal tissue of the ocular surface and(More)
eye syndrome (DES) affects millions of people worldwide, with an estimated prevalence of 5–30% in the aging population [1]. DES can significantly impact visual acuity and daily activities. Symptoms vary in type and severity. Common symptoms include dryness, red eyes, general irritation, excessive tearing, and blurred vision. DES can also inflict undue(More)
PURPOSE To report cases of acute globe rupture and bilateral corneal burns from electronic cigarette (EC) explosions. METHODS Case series. RESULTS We describe a series of patients with corneal injury caused by EC explosions. Both patients suffered bilateral corneal burns and decreased visual acuity, and one patient sustained a unilateral corneoscleral(More)
This paper characterizes the light microscopic and ultrastructural lesions in peripheral nerves caused by feeding lasalocid and roxarsone to broiler chickens. The birds were given three different doses of each compound: the standard industrial dose, 150% of the standard dose, and 200% of the standard dose. It was necessary to deprive the birds of water for(More)
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