Darren Doherty

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When compared with hormonal therapy alone, treatment with combined hormone and radiation therapy (CHRT) gives improved disease-specific survival outcomes for patients with prostate cancer; however, a significant number of CHRT patients still succumb to recurrent disease. The purpose of this study was to use longitudinal patient samples obtained as part of(More)
This paper investigates how varying the difficulty of the environment can affect the evolution of team behaviour in a combative game setting. The difficulty of the environment is altered by varying the perceptual capabilities of the agents in the game. The behaviours of the agents are evolved using a genetic program. These experiments show that the level of(More)
As the nonplayable characters (NPCs) of squad-based shooter computer games share a common goal, they should work together in teams and display cooperative behaviors that are tactically sound. Our research examines genetic programming (GP) as a technique to automatically develop effective squad behaviors for shooter games. GP has been used to evolve teams(More)
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