Darren Dewhurst

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  • D J Dewhurst
  • 1967
Rapid skilled movements by a human subject are executed at such a rate that conscious control can be no more than the strategic selection of a sequence of detailed tactical plans of control, which have previously been learned by the subject. By the use of transient changes in the force applied to various muscle groups, and computer analysis of the responses(More)
The University of Melbourne Departments of Otolaryngology and Electrical Engineering (UMDOLEE) receiving and stimulating component of a multiple-electrode cochlear implant hearing prosthesis produces constant stimulation. It has a stimulating pulse shape that minimizes the production of toxic substances and loss of metal from the electrodes, and this is(More)
A multiple-electrode hearing prosthesis for cochlea implantation in deaf patients has been developed at the University of Melbourne. It has been designed as a multiple-electrode implant to provide the best chance of enabling patients to understand speech. It has been shown that an electrode array can be threaded along the coills of the inner ear close to(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this paper is to provide a defence of diversity in psychiatry and, correspondingly, to show that strict 'biologism' (or any other 'total' approach to psychiatry) is inappropriate. METHOD Arguments are developed using as a basis the writings of well known philosophers such as Stephen Toulmin, Joel Feinberg and Charles Taylor. The(More)