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Consider a compact 3-manifold M with boundary consisting of a single torus. The papers [CS1], [CS2] and [CGLS] discuss the variety of characters of SL 2 (C) representations of π 1 (M), and some of the ways in which the topological structure of M is reflected in the algebraic geometry of the character variety. We will describe in this paper a certain affine(More)
This paper reviews the two variable polynomial invariant of knots deened using representations of the fundamental group of the knot complement into SL2C: The slopes of the sides of the Newton polygon of this polynomial are boundary slopes of incompressible surfaces in the knot complement. The polynomial also contains information about which surgeries are(More)
We show that for certain closed hyperbolic manifolds, one can nontrivially deform the real hyperbolic structure when it is considered as a real projective structure. It is also shown that in the presence of a mild smoothness hypothesis, the existence of such real projective deformations is equivalent to the question of whether one can nontrivially deform(More)