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The major site of in vivo transcriptional initiation for both heavy and light strands of human mitochondrial DNA is the displacement-loop region. Transcripts synthesized in vitro by human mitochondrial RNA polymerase were mapped to the nucleotide level and have identical 5' end map positions to those reported for in vivo primary transcripts. An ordered(More)
Ribonuclease mitochondrial RNA processing, a site-specific endoribonuclease involved in primer RNA metabolism in mammalian mitochondria, requires an RNA component for its activity. On the basis of copurification and selective inactivation with complementary oligonucleotides, a 135-nucleotide RNA species, not encoded in the mitochondrial genome, is(More)
Using complementary oligonucleotide probes, we have isolated the nuclear gene for the RNA moiety of RNAase MRP; it is present as a single copy and encodes an uncapped primary transcript of 275 nucleotides. Direct sequence analysis revealed that the 136 nucleotide RNA that copurifies with RNAase MRP represents the 3' half of the 275 nucleotide primary(More)
Information that is presumed to be true at encoding but later on turns out to be false (i.e., misinformation) often continues to influence memory and reasoning. In the present study, we investigated how the strength of encoding and the strength of a later retraction of the misinformation affect this continued influence effect. Participants read an event(More)
SUMMARY This paper introduces basic capacity calculation methods for circuit switched, multiple-beam, low earth orbit (LEO) communication satellites that use MF-TDMA and MF-CDMA schemes. Capacity is defined as the number of simultaneous duplex channels that a satellite can support for a given data rate and bit error rate. This paper integrates the bandwidth(More)
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