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Chalcones are known to exhibit antimitotic properties caused by inhibition of tubulin polymerisation. We describe here the effects of different alpha-substitutions, in particular alpha-fluorination, on the structure and biological activity of a series of chalcones.
The National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) has instituted an approach to address the impact of new alleles on the DNA-based HLA assignments obtained during volunteer donor typing. This approach was applied to the DRB typing results from 371,187 donors received from 14 laboratories in 1999. Samples were tested with a standardized set of sequence specific(More)
Recently, considerable attention has justifiably been directed towards energy savings in buildings as they account for up to 20–40% of total energy consumption in developed countries. In the United Kingdom, studies have revealed that buildings’ CO2 emissions for account for at least 43% of total emissions. Window panels are a major component of the building(More)
Adverse effects of anthropogenic climate change has resulted in mitigation strategies geared towards curbing CO2 emissions. Consequently, this has increased demand for more energy efficient buildings. Considerable amounts of studies have shown the existence of a significant discrepancy between estimated energy consumption by thermal simulation software and(More)
Monte Carlo Tree Search has given computer go a signi cant boost in strength the past few years, but progress seems to have slowed, and once again we have to ask ourselves how can computers make effective use of the ever-increasing computer power. In 2002 we started a human-computer team experiment with very long thinking times and no restrictions on(More)
Genetic markers are important resources for individual identification and parentage assessment. Although short tandem repeats (STRs) have been the traditional DNA marker, technological advances have led to single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) becoming an attractive alternative. SNPs can be highly multiplexed and automatically scored, which allows for(More)
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